Our Mission

To educate, inspire, awe and delight students of all ages about the wonders of the Universe through fun, unique, entertaining and educational tour adventures – highlighting aviation, astronomy, S.T.E.M. studies, the U.S. Space Program, Space Exploration, Space Careers and the brilliant women and men behind all the dreams.

Our Founder


Elizabeth Schneider is the proud creator and founder of Galactic Medallion - her unique/boutique tour and travel company specializing in ”all things space” with a “twist” for the Earthbound.

A former high school French teacher, lifelong traveler, astronomy lover and travel industry professional, Elizabeth turned her passion for teaching and languages into a 40+ year career as a multi-lingual tour guide in the Central Florida area.

She has worked with hundreds of leisure and business tour groups from around the world. Whether her guests are elementary school students, a delegation of conventioneers or the discerning luxury traveler, Elizabeth enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of all things “space” is contagious. Come join her for a totally unique Space Experience that will last a life time!

Her Inspiration

Grand-Daddy Bill was an aircraft test pilot – considered an “astronaut” of yesteryear - and a pioneer in the newly emerging aviation industry in the early 1920s. Fearless and with a daredevil spirit, his earlier jobs included being an Air Mail pilot – a harrowing assignment during the winter months in his adopted hometown of Buffalo, New York. He was also credited with transporting photographs taken at Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 Inauguration in Washington DC, for same-day publication in the Buffalo evening newspaper.

His proudest achievement during his short 37-year life was being the Chief Test Pilot for Consolidated Aircraft Company – primary manufacturer of the PBY Flying Boat and the B-24 Liberator Bomber – both major contributors to the Allies’ air warfare efforts during WWII.

Tragically, during a final test flight in June 1941, before delivery to the British Royal Air Force, the B-24 that Daddy Bill was flying experienced a catastrophic mechanical failure and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. But his heroism, passion for flying and unbounded desire to conquer the skies lives on in the spirit of today’s astronauts.

Grandpa Goetz , Elizabeth’s other grandfather, instilled in her his passion and curiosity about the wonders of the universe. A quiet, dutiful blue-collar worker by day and a brilliant, self-taught scientist/astronomer by night, without any formal training he designed, engineered and constructed an astronomical observatory in his backyard in Hamburg, New York. The observatory housed a 10-inch diameter telescope that he also built himself, even grinding and polishing the telescope’s mirror. The telescope was situated on an equatorial mount which compensated for the earth’s rotation to permit time-lapsed photography, particularly of Grandpa Goetz’s favorite planet, Saturn.

During summer visits as a young teenager, Elizabeth would join Grandpa Goetz in the evenings as he crawled through the tiny doorway of the observatory to gaze through the telescope into the night sky. Here they would take turns marveling at the details of the surface of the moon, or the curious rings of Saturn, or the vast infinity of stars comprising the Milky Way galaxy. This experience left Elizabeth mesmerized, opening her eyes to the expansiveness and enormity of the Universe, and leaving an indelible impression on her heart and mind which remains today.

What our Clients Say

Loved my day at the Space Center. An awesome and also emotional experience.

Pam Dikeou

Everyone should be in awe of our space pioneers and those who gave their lives to be a part of this “new frontier.”

Carol Rosenfelt

From start to finish it was a great, fun and elegant way to see what we in the USA have done and can do!

Jan LaCoste