Exclusive tours to
Kennedy Space Center
for guests of
Grande Lakes Orlando


Embark on a one-day, immersive journey with Galactic Medallion, lifting off from Grande Lakes to America's historic Spaceport in our private EC-130 Helicopter. This exclusive, concierge-guided adventure showcases the U.S. Space Program's illustrious past, dynamic present, and thrilling future. From an aerial tour over Kennedy Space Center (KSC), VAB, and Port Canaveral, to a VIP tour of NASA facilities and the KSC Visitors’ Complex, experience the Shuttle Launch Experience, marvel at iconic spacecrafts, and wander through the Rocket Garden. The day concludes with a luxury rooftop luncheon featuring a guest speaker, offering panoramic views of the Indian River & KSC before a champagne toast marks your sunset return to Grande Lakes. This mission, accommodating up to 5 guests per flight, promises an unparalleled venture into space and discovery.

3-2-1 Lift-Off Tour

– Board & Lift-Off from Grande Lakes in our Private EC-130 Helicopter*, whisking us to the Space Coast in 25 minutes with an aerial tour over KSC, VAB, Shuttle Landing Strip, & Port Canaveral before touching down

9:00am – Arrival at Space Coast Executive Jet Center, Luxury transport to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Visitors’ Complex

9:15am – Welcome by KSC staff, private charter bus tour of NASA facilities, followed by an exclusive tour of the KSC Visitors’ Complex led by our personal KSC Communicator who shares individual stories which highlight the past, present and future of space exporation. Visits include the Shuttle Launch Experience, Atlantis Orbiter, Gateway Pavilion, (SpaceX Booster, Blue Origin Capsule, Boeing Starliner and more), Rocket Garden, and Astronaut Hall of Fame

2:30pm – Luxury transport for exclusive Rooftop Luncheon with a featured guest speaker while overlooking the Indian River & KSC

5:00pm – Champagne Farwell Toast to the Space Coast as we lift off in our EC-130 for a sunset return

5:25pm – Touch-down at Grande Lakes – End of a successful mission

*EC-130 can accommodate up to 5 guests per flight
(luxury ground transportation is also available – please contact us directly)

Phone: 407.923.3469
Email: concierge@galacticmedallion.com


Our tours are significantly enhanced by the contributions of distinguished guest speakers, who bring a wealth of knowledge across different aspects of space exploration. Our guests gain unparalleled insights from these experts, who are adept in everything from the intricacies of rocket propulsion and celestial navigation to cutting-edge space technology advancements. While our typical engagements with these luminaries are scheduled during lunch, we also offer tailored interactions where they augment particular segments of the tour. This ensures a deeply informative and captivating journey for all space enthusiasts, making every moment of our tours a profound and memorable experience.


Kirby is a notable PhD. Planetary research scientist currently associated with the Planetary Science Institute. He specializes in planetary geology, aeolian processes, and impact cratering on other planets. Kirby is renowned for his role as a science communicator and excels in making space exploration accessible and engaging to listeners of all ages. You'll understand why Kirby is a favorite when he joins us during lunch to share his knowledge, insights, and factoid-nuggets into planetary science, space education, and space tourism.