One, Two & Three Day Adventures

A One Day Exploration of the U.S. Space Program, KSC & NASA

6 Hour Team Building Mission

5 Hour Team Building Mission

A Two (2) Day Mission

A Three (3) Day Mission

Light-years beyond a history book,
or a science class, or a company rock-climbing exercise...

Join us on a mission exploring America’s Original Space Port, the U.S. Space Program’s vibrant 65+ year history, and experiencing what it feels like to train, work and live like an Astronaut in Space.

From the ISS to Space Jobs of the Future, on a Galactic Medallion Tour you will learn about...

What’s happening in the re-emerging U.S. Space Program
How it affects our lives on planet Earth
The newly evolving commercialization of space by private industry
What’s on the horizon for tomorrow’s continued exploration of the cosmos

*Galactic Medallion tour programs are custom created for each client, based on their date(s) of travel, group size, and specific needs.

An Unparalleled Day of ADVENTURE, FUN & LEARNING with a Twist!
Our Signature Tropospheric Space Flight to Kennedy Space Center on Private Helicopters or TurboProp Airplanes
Aerial Tour of the Space Center from 1000 feet
Fully customizable tour experiences for school classes, S.T.E.M. studies and corporate groups
Catered Lunch fit for an astronaut
U.P.S. Deliveries (Unexpected Pleasant Surprises) for all Galactic Medallion Aeronauts

All Galactic Medallion Tour programs to Kennedy Space Center are subject to availability at the discretion of NASA and KSC Administration