My Special Place in Space

“My Special Place in Space” is a groundbreaking program designed by Galactic Medallion to support and inspire 18-year-olds aging out of the foster care system. The initiative offers these young adults an enriching opportunity to explore the wonders of space, particularly through a memorable visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. This program aims to spark interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields by immersing participants in the dynamic environment of the 21st-century space economy.

Young adults embrace the incredible opportunity to explore NASA's Kennedy Space Center, proving that with curiosity and ambition, the sky is just the beginning.


Participants are encouraged to pursue further education in STEAM disciplines. The program emphasizes the vast career possibilities within the thriving space industry, from engineering and technology to arts and mathematics. The program includes a one-day intensive visit to the Kennedy Space Center, where participants can witness the vibrant space economy firsthand. They experience the history and future of space exploration, guided by experts who bring the space program to life through their insights and personal stories.

Bringing Light to Florida's Foster Children

Where stability often eludes them, children in Florida's foster care system find solace and joy through the tireless efforts of a Central Florida nonprofit, Fostering Kindness. Founded in January 2021 by Alison Spalding, this organization has transformed the lives of more than 1,000 foster children by providing essential items, personalized gifts, and memorable experiences.

Comfort and Care in Uncertain Times

Entering foster care is a traumatic upheaval for any child. They are taken from their families and placed in new homes with strangers, often with little more than the clothes on their backs. To mitigate this distress, Fostering Kindness distributes Comfort Bags to children as they enter the system. These duffel bags, filled with new and thoughtfully selected items such as nightlights, blankets, journals, and stuffed animals, offer a small but significant comfort to these vulnerable children. "We aim to provide a sense of security and normalcy in what is often a confusing and frightening time for these kids," says Spalding.

Celebrating Milestones

Many foster children have never experienced the simple joy of a birthday celebration. Fostering Kindness ensures that each child in their care receives personalized birthday gifts and, when possible, organizes group home birthday parties complete with decorations, pizza, games, and party favors. "Our goal is to make each child feel special and valued," Spalding explains.

Holiday Joy

The holiday season can be particularly tough for foster children, who may feel even more isolated and forgotten. To combat this, Fostering Kindness delivers personalized Santa Sacks filled with gifts to teens and children in foster care, spreading holiday cheer regardless of the child's background or beliefs.

Galactic Medallion's Stellar Contribution

Recognizing the significant impact of Fostering Kindness, Galactic Medallion, a space tour company known for its exclusive tours to NASA's Kennedy Space Center, has joined hands with the nonprofit. Galactic Medallion's "My Special Place in Space" program offers foster children a day of exploration and inspiration at the Kennedy Space Center. This partnership is designed to spark interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields and to show these young individuals that they, too, can reach for the stars.

"By exposing these kids to the wonders of space and the possibilities of a future in STEAM fields, we hope to inspire them to pursue their dreams," says the CEO of Galactic Medallion. The program provides these young adults with a unique, educational experience, aiming to motivate them to continue their education and consider careers in the space industry.

A Call to Action

Fostering Kindness relies heavily on community support. The organization welcomes donations through their various Amazon wish lists for Comfort Bags, birthday gifts, and holiday presents. Volunteers are also needed to help assemble and deliver these items, ensuring that every child in foster care feels loved and supported.

For more information and to get involved, visit the Fostering Kindness website. With the support of organizations like Galactic Medallion, Fostering Kindness is making a lasting impact on the lives of foster children in Central Florida, proving that with a little kindness, we can all reach for the stars.

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